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IABP Membership

Your Route to a Successful Career

IAAP membership can offer you the seal of recognition, telling employers that you are at the very top of your profession.

Several levels of membership are open to you depending on your qualifications. So long as you have passed an IABP qualification – or equivalent qualification recognised by the IABP – then you are entitled to join. We welcome everyone as a learner to the IABP community of professionals so we do not require specific grades or level of achievement on your past qualifications or career to become a member with us.

The starter level of membership is an IABP Affiliate Member, with IABP Professional Member being the highest and most prestigious level of all.

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Membership Inquiry

Affiliate Member

To register as an affiliate member, you must have achieved the following:

  1. Associate Degree or equivalent qualification in any field
  2. 500 – word personal statement about your motivation to join IABP and what you would like to achieve through the membership
  3. If you do not possess an Associate Degree, your membership approval is decided based on the personal statement and if approved, you must maintain your affiliate membership status in good standing for 2 years to upgrade to Associate Membership.

Membership Fee: $150 annually

Associate Member

To register as an associate member, you must have achieved the following:

  1. Bachelor degree in any field
  2. 500-word personal statement about how you would like to share your expertise/skills/knowledge to IABP members who are interested to learn.
  3. If you do not possess a Bachelor degree, you must have minimum an Associate Degree in any field or equivalent qualification and 5 years working experience

Membership Fee: $300 annually

Professional Member

To achieve the professional membership as a credit to your proven expertise and experience, you must be an Associate Member in good standing *AND* have achieved any one of the qualifications from IABP sponsored institutions below:

1. MBA for IABP
2. DBA for IABP

On top of these, a further two (2) years of relevant working experience allows you to apply for this category of membership.

Membership Fee$600 for the first annual membership. $400 annually from the 2nd year onwards.

Note: Membership fee must be paid before the due date to maintain the good standing/active status

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Professional membership is open to you depending on your qualifications.
Our membership is open to you depending on your professional and educational background.

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