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Introducing the IABP, USA

for Business Professionals Worldwide

The International Alliance of Business Professionals (IABP) offers international recognition and connection through education and networking for professionals of business and technology sectors in the world.

First, IABP provides the pathway for professional qualification, giving aspiring professionals global recognition for their career and personal development at an affordable fee than the traditional qualifications focusing on skills and knowledge enhancement

Plus, its IABP membership offers anyone anywhere the opportunity to gain international status while boosting earning potential. As you connect with people around the world with different background, you are expanding your reach to grow by learning from each other.

Be part of a world-class association with a global reach and take your career or business to new heights.

Our focus and mission are to share business and technology skills and knowledge that is applicable in everyone’s life for your personal and career development. Being a member of the IABP, you get access to practical education with exclusive supporting learning resources from those who have failed but never gave up to see their success.

IABP’s core principle is to guide our members to create a community of learners and contributors for their surrounding in their best possible way.

To discuss opportunities available with IABP, either get in touch with your nearest international office below, or please contact the IABP’s head office direct.

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IABP Head Office

The International Alliance of Business Professionals (IABP)

7426 Cherry Ave, Suite 210-433
Fontana, CA, 92336, US

Tel: +1 (657) 667 6231

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